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Resources for Coping with Drought:
The Montana State University Extension Service offers several publications and resources for coping with drought at this site. (5/04)
Drinking Water Research Information Network (DRINK):
A portal to information on projects funded or performed by water research organizations, government agencies in the U.S., international research organizations and academic institutions focused on drinking water issues. (5/04)
A Survey of State Support for Community Wind Power:
Survey of the various policies and incentives that states are using to support community wind power development, and how these policies influence the types of projects that are developed. Locally owned, utility-scale wind projects interconnected on either side of the meter (known as community wind projects) are a topic of increasing interest in the United States. (5/04)
Climate Friendly Farming:
Provides information about a variety of climate-friendly agricultural practices and technologies being researched at WSU. The five-year Climate Friendly Farming Research and Demonstration Project will focus on dairy production, irrigated crop farming and dryland grain farming. Farmers will also find information on the economic feasibility of adopting climate mitigation techniques to their own operations. (5/04)
Dry Cleaner Compliance Web Site:
This site was developed to further assist dry cleaning facilities using perchloroethylene (perc) in monitoring, record keeping and archiving. It includes solvent mileage calculations, optional email reminders of missed inspections and changes in perc usage, along with other various logs and records (such as leak inspection and temperature variance) to keep track of compliance. (5/04)
2004 Montana Water Quality Integrated Report:
Montana DEQ offers online the Final Submittal for the 2004 Water Quality Integrated Report, including database, atlas, and maps. (5/04)
Soil Carbon Sequestration: Farm Management Practices Can Affect Greenhouse Gases:
Global warming (an increase in the earth’s temperature caused by increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere trapping more of the sun's heat) is a leading global concern. This fact sheet describes how agricultural activities impact global warming from both ends, serving as both sources and sinks for greenhouse gases. (5/04)
How to Plan a Sustainable Event:
A comprehensive listing of resources from Sustainable Communities Network and a step-by-step downloadable brochure on the planning process and issues to consider from choosing a site to choosing the food service. (4/04)
With each issue focusing on a theme of interest to the compliance assistance provider community, OECA plans to publish this newsletter three times a year. It will include a calendar of upcoming events and highlights on new policies, guidance, tools, events or reports. (4/04)

Community Energy Opportunity Finder:
An interactive website, launched by Rocky Mountain Institute, that calculates potential energy and dollar savings, air pollution emissions reductions, and potential jobs a community could create by implementing an energy efficiency program (4/04).

Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries:
A place to recycle portable rechargeable batteries commonly found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras, and remote control toys, including: Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Small Sealed Lead (Pb) (3/04).

The Big Green Box:
A national program that offers companies, consumers, municipalities, and other generators, a low cost, easy, and flexible way to recycle their batteries and portable electronic devices (3/04).

Groundswell: Sustainability Through Design:
Highlights tools for community building, visioning, design charrettes, design review districts, and open-space planning. It also discusses principles of sustainability, defines design vocabulary and geometry, and includes several inspirational pieces (3/04).
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