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A Decade of P2 -
Looking Back/Looking Forward

EPA Region 8
Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Denver, Colorado
August 15-17, 2001


Wednesday, August 15
12:00 Meet for lunch
1:00 Welcome, EPA Conference Room
1:15 Christine Lehnertz - Where P2 is Headed
1:45 Linda Walters- EPA Report
2:15 Jack McGraw-EPA Innovative Action Council
2:45 Break
3:00 Peaks to Prairies and P2Rx report
3:45 State project reports (15-20 min. each)
5:30 Adjourn
Thursday, August 16 8:00 State project reports (15-20 min. each)
9:30 Break
9:45 Projects and Priorities for coming year
11:30 Leave for Arapahoe Basin (box lunch)
1:00 - 3:30 Tour of Arapahoe Basin
4:00 Tour Keystone composting
6:00 Arrive in Denver
Friday, August 17 9:00 EPA measurement tool training
10:30 Break
10:45 Other Agency Parnterships
11:30 Closing

Statement of Purpose:

  1. To update each other on P2 activities in our staes and share ideas
  2. To define collaborative ventures fo rthe upcoming year
  3. To explore ways to promote Region 8 P2 activities
  4. To expand networking with EPA program people


  • Justin Laboe, Tri-County Health Department, Denver
  • Linda Walters, EPA Region 8, Denver
  • Megan Wilson, EPA Region 8, Denver
  • Steve Tillotson, North Dakota Department of Health
  • Janet Burgesser, City of Denver
  • Kirk Mills, Colorado DPHE
  • Joe Schieffelin, Colorad DPHE
  • Jon Hudson, Montana State University Extension P2
  • Ted Lange, Montana State University Extension P2


  • Jack McGraw, EPA Region 8
  • Dennis Clarke, South Dakota DENR
  • John Larson, EPA Region 8
  • Stephen Roseberry, WY DEQ
  • Chris Lehnertz, EPA Region 8
  • Sandra Boggs, Montana DEQ
  • Parry Burnap, TerraChord
  • Greg Geyer, TerraChord
  • Michael Vogel, Peaks to Prairies Center
  • Laura Estes, Peaks to Prairies Center
  • Deanna Peterson, EPA Region 8
  • Paul Ferraro, Colorado P2 Partnership

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