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NJ Department of Health and Senior Services: Guidelines for the Safe Clean-up of Mercury [PDF]
Abstract: Contains spill clean up instructions and list of contractors in the NJ area.
Source: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
URL: http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/survweb/merchome.pdf

IDEM - Mercury Spill Information and Cleanup Guidance [PDF]
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management
URL: http://www.state.in.us/idem/ctap/mercury/spill.pdf

Mercury - Emergency Spill & Release Facts [PDF]
Abstract: Includes basic definitions, health concerns, routes of exposure, and procedures EPA uses in responding to mercury spills and releases, and ways communities can avoid exposure to mercury.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.bedisclosure.com/pdf_dir/22%20mercury-emerg.pdf

Information on Mercury Spill Clean-up
Abstract: Kansas Department of Health and Environment information on cleaning up very small spills.
Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment
URL: http://www.kdhe.state.ks.us/mercury/#spill

NH Department of Environmental Services: Cleaning Up Household Spills of Elemental Mercury
Abstract: What to do in case of a mercury spill in the household.
Source: New hamshire Department of Environmental Services
URL: http://www.des.state.nh.us/factsheets/hw/hw-15.htm

Material Safety Data Sheet
Abstract: Vendor MSDS for elemental mercury.
Source: Mallinckrodt Baker Inc.
URL: http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/M1599.htm

MI Department of Environmental Quality: Cleaning Up Small Mercury Spills Fact Sheet [PDF]
Abstract: Provides advice and procedures for cleaning up small mercury spills (less than 2 tablespoons). Includes how to assemble your own mercury spill kit.
Source: Michigan DEQ
URL: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents/deq-ead-p2-mercury-mercspills.pdf

University of Washington, Environmental Health and Safety, Mercury Spills
Abstract: This website discusses health effects, common usages for mercury, spill kits, how to handle spill situations, and alternatives.
Source: University of Washington
URL: http://www.ehs.washington.edu/services/spills_mercury.htm

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