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Integrated Design IconChoice of infill site, preservation of existing features, efficient floor plan, use of green products, use of orientation and materials to maximize energy efficiency, and consideration of the entire home as a system.

Site and Design Features

  • Utilized existing infrastructure with an urban infill lot and proximity to existing community services that reduces future occupants' transportation cost.
Exterior Facade - Stucco and Shingle siding
  • Orientation and design for daylighting potential as well as for maximum solar efficiency, and to promote low heat loss will reduce the amount of energy consumed to operate the homes.
  • Preservation of trees and other existing vegetation provided a mature landscape to help moderate the sun's heat.
  • Design for home of modest size was achieved through a space efficient floor plan that incorporated scissor trusses to add area and value to living space without adding much cost.
Energy Efficiency Features
  • Building Envelope: A super insulated design was achieved through the use of post and beam framing with strawbale infill. Strawbales are an annually renewable resource and provide an energy efficient wall system reducing operating costs for homeowners. More detail on this wall system is available here. Star- "Innovation"
Waste Management Features
  • Deconstruction of dilapidated home and garage provided some dimensional lumber that was reused for the project. The lumber was used to construct a privacy fence and in finishing the interiors of the home.


Salvaged Lumber Pile
Green Product Features
  • Exterior Wall Finishes: Durable, low-maintenance finishes help to prolong the life of the structures and reduce long-term operating costs for the structures. The upper story of one home features a fiber-cement panel exterior finish manufactured by James Hardie Building Products. The upper story of the other home uses asphalt shingles on the walls. Like the stucco below, both materials will be easy for occupants to maintain and provide a low-cost exterior with appealing visual texture.
  • Foundation: A shallow frost-protected foundation design reduced material and excavation costs, and provided energy efficiency. More details on this foundation system are available here. Star- "Innovation"
  • Foundation: Recycled post-consumer glass was used as foundation backfill.
  • Structural Frame: Porch steps are built from a recycled plastic and sawdust composite that doesn't splinter. These steps are durable and low-maintenance requiring no sealing or staining.
Salvaged Wood Fence

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