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Rapid response research service

Have you checked the Topic Hubs?

P2Rx information centers around the U.S. have researched a variety of topics as they relate to pollution prevention and compiled information and links to on-line publications. These collections are called Topic Hubs.

Stumped about a pollution prevention issue? Let us know what your question is; we have access to both regional and national networks of pollution prevention experts and resources that may help.

What you get:

Our resource staff will research your issue and provide an answer within one week. If a local expert is available, we will also refer you to that person for further questions.

You will not necessarily get an absolute answer to a specific or general question. We provide references and you must draw your own conclusions.

Who is eligible:

Anyone in U.S. EPA Region 8 states - Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah or Wyoming is eligible to make a request. If you are outside this region we can refer you to the information center in your locale.

Questions from citizens, organizations, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit groups are all welcome.

How to submit a question:

Call us at (406) 994-6948.

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