In cooperation with EPA Region 8 states, Peaks to Prairies encourages adoption of pollution prevention practices by citizens, small businesses, and local governments. The Center offers access to current information and contacts, encourages collaboration and leveraging of resources between programs, and builds information systems to enhance information dissemination.

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Organizational Structure

The Center is operated by the Extension Service at Montana State University, a land grant institution located in Bozeman, Montana.

Service Area

Colorado, Montana,
North Dakota,
South Dakota,
Utah and Wyoming

Primary Clients

The Center directly serves state and local technical assistance providers, trade associations, consultants, and non-governmental organizations that promote pollution prevention and environmental management. The Center acts as an information "wholesaler" providing these entities with the background and contacts needed as they work with businesses.

Center Services

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State P2 Program Expertise:

Colorado - chemical and paint manufacturing; dry cleaning; electronics; hospitals; laboratories and educational institutions; metal finishing, electroplating and metal working; painting and coating; solvents; photoprocessing; printing; vehicle and mechanical equipment maintenance; wood products and furniture manufacturing

Montana - auto body and automotive repair shops; dry cleaners; hospitality; local government P2; printing; tribal P2; wood furniture refinishing; compliance assistance; air quality; energy conservation; small manufacturing; metal finishing; painting; photoprocessing; textiles; wastewater treatment; water quality; wood treatment; youth p2 education

North Dakota - agriculture; air quality; auto repair; autobody; compliance assistance; regulatory integration; dry cleaning; painting; printing; refineries; wastewater treatment; water quality

South Dakota - agriculture; education; rural communities; small business; water quality

Utah - agriculture; air quality; auto repair; auto body; compliance assistance; dry cleaning; energy conservation; local government P2; manufacturing; metal finishing; mining; painting; printing; regulatory integration; wastewater treatment; water quality; youth p2 education

Wyoming - agriculture; air quality; auto body and automotive repair; manufacturing; painting and coating; dry cleaning/laundries; energy conservation; electroplating; hospitals/medical; local government P2; metal finishing; mining; oil and gas; painting; petroleum refining; photoprocessing; printing; wood finishing and treating

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Training Materials and P2 Publications

The Center collects P2 documents and publications pertaining to issues in the region and maintains them in a loan library for use by regional partners. We also suggest P2 resources for the national inter-library loan system when appropriate.

Training materials and P2 publications developed in the region are available through the on-line Library.

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