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2004 EPA Region 8 Pollution Prevention Roundtable

The agenda links to presentations and background information for each session. (Links open a new window.) Most links are ".pdf" files. To view .pdf files, your computer must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed, free download available.

Kent Belland, North Dakota Department of Health, also recorded portions of the roundtable in pictures. Download Picture Gallery. (Large file, takes time to download. Move through pictures with space bar, click in upper righthand corner to close.)

2004 EPA Region 8 Pollution Prevention Roundtable
September 8-10, 2004 • EPA Region 8 Denver, Colorado

September 8

Tour of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) facilities in Golden Colorado

  • National Center for Photovoltaics
  • National BioEnergy Center
  • National Wind Technology Center
September 9

Welcome and Introductions - Steve Tuber, EPA Denver and Laura Estes, Peaks to Prairies Center

EPA P2 Vision, OPPT Existing P2 Efforts - Tom Tillman, EPA Washington, DC

Summary of State Program Activities - Linda Walters, EPA Region 8
She also provided monthly EPA Regional P2 Activities Reports (all regions) for the past year. Individual Region 8 agency reports:

Report on Regional Public Lands Initiative (large file, takes time to load))
Marie Zanowick, EPA Region 8
Steve Roseberry, Wyoming DEQ
Kent Belland, North Dakota DoH
Barry Mclaury, South Dakota DENR
Mike Vogel, MSU Extension Service
Laura Estes, Peaks to Prairies Center

"Working lunch" P2 Quiz - Test Your P2 Knowledge (Answers included!)

EMS Implementation in a Missouri State Park (large file, takes time to load) - David Goggins, Missouri DNR

Environmental Toolkit for State Parks: Draft Preview - Mike Vogel, MSU Extension Service

Oil and Gas Production Panel Discussion - Kirk Mills, CO DPHE, Moderator
Session Outline || Recommended Resources
Scott Mason, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Air Quality
Dave Searle, Marathon Oil
Kevin Frederick, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Curtis Rueter, Wind River Environmental (large file, takes time to load)

September 10

Project Measurement Panel Discussion - Outline & Recommended Resources
John Brink, EPA Region 8, Moderator
Tom Tillman, EPA Headquarters
Terri Goldberg, NEWMOA (additional resources referenced in Terri's presentation are listed in "Outline & Recommended Resources")
Jean Waters, P2Rx
Jill Cooper, Colorado DPHE

Wrap Up - Action Items

P2 Pays - Marketing brochure for P2 in the region. Peaks to Prairies will contact programs present at the roundtable for short feature stories about P2 accomplishments to publish in a full-color brochure that can be customized for use by any program. The brochure will be modeled after one produced by the Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center.

EPP Training - City of Denver and Colorado DPHE will host this training in late spring or early summer of 2005. All programs are invited to participate. Dave Boon will send more information as it becomes available.

Using TRI to Prioritize - Kirk Mills will run some sample queries for each state to illustrate using the TRI for decision-making on a regional conference call. Potential topics -- lead or materials used in electronics manufacturing.

Measurement - Regional conference call on this topic will be scheduled (November?) with Sonja Wallace giving an update on activities of the National P2 Results Task Force and Colorado DPHE discussing their plans to integrate measurement into compliance results.

Gas and Oil Production - Next steps to determine if this is a sector where a regional effort would be beneficial.

  • EPA will keep us informed as to how the EPA Energy Plan will be implemented.
  • Video available - Keepin' It All Clean in the Oil Patch, produced by National Environmental Training Association. (For best results, you should have internet access of 56kps or better and RealOnePlayer V2 Gold, which is available as a free download.)
  • Kirk Mills, Scott Mason, Steve Roseberry, and John Brink will meet to discuss a wish list of what resources are most needed for P2 outreach in this sector.

Public Lands - Next steps and workgroup call topics

  • Creating an award and/or rewards for public lands taking on P2 projects.
    • EPA Award
    • Partnerships with DOE and others providing assistance to state parks
    • Potential projects funded by SEP dollars (Jill Cooper)
  • Review and distribution of the Public Lands Environmental Toolkit
  • Public lands initiatives outside the region

Waste Mangement for Department of Defense, public lands and surrounding communities - Conference call with interested stakeholders will be organized by Peaks to Prairies to discuss potential solutions for this issue.

"Scaling Up" Projects - Look for additional guidance on this topic coming from EPA within a few months.

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