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General Directories
* Good To Be Green http://www.goodtobegreen.com
- Good To Be Green is free to users and aslo includes a seperate search for commercial products and green building professionals. It also has great tools for the users, like MyGreenSpace which allows users to save products and service professionals in their list of favorites.
* Oikos: Green Building Source http://www.oikos.com/products/
- A directory for thousands of green building products. Search by product or general category such as concrete, furnishings, mechanical, etc.
* GreenSpec Directory http://www.buildinggreen.com/menus/index.cfm
- GreenSpec is BuildingGreen's premiere product information service. It contains detailed listings for more than 1,800 environmentally preferable building products with descriptions, manufacturer information, and links to additional resources. All listings are screened and written exclusively by the Building Green staff.

Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements http://www.crbt.org/ (Click on "E-guide")
- A directory to environmentally responsible building products. Use the search feature in each section to display companies relevant to the section.

* Green Architect: Green Product Guide http://archrecord.construction.com/products/ - Search by product category ie. masonry, furnishings, electrical, etc. to find manufacturers and product reviews.
* PVC Alternatives: Construction Products http://archive.greenpeace.org/toxics/pvcdatabase/
- Search or browse this database for alternatives to particular PVC construction materials. Or link to the "Background" section for an overview of alternatives for particular applications.
* Build Green Today! http://www.classichomeworks.com/images/pdf_build_green_today.pdf
- This 16 page booklet provides an overview of green building with a focus on affordable products - wood, insulation, concrete, flooring, carpet, paint, decking and used building materials. Produced for EPA Region 8 states, it includes product suppliers for each building material.
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Wood Products
* SmartWood Certified Product Finder http://www.ra-smartwood.org/
- This guide provides links to certified materials and furniture vendors.

Alternatives to Old Growth http://www.ran.org/ran_campaigns/old_growth/alternatives.html
- This guide offers solutions to preserve old growth forests while ensuring a supply of lumber for future generations including links to suppliers.

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Low Toxicity and Low "Emitting" Products
* GreenGuard Registry http://greenguard.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=14
- A list of "environmentally preferred", low emitting products and manufacturers to help preserve indoor air quality. This link takes you to a free registration page for products information.

Low Toxic Solutions: Adhesives, Sealants, Primers and Paints http://www.green-rated.org/g_rated/windows/nwgreendir.html#ieq
- This link provides a list of national brands and local vendors that meet Portland Oregons' LEED building standards.

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Energy Efficient Products And Renewable Energy

Lighting Product Information Databases http://www.lrc.rpi.edu/programs/NLPIP/technologies.asp
- A very user friendly database with information on such things as compact flourescent lamps and accent lighting.


Energy Star Labeled Products http://www.energystar.gov/products/
- Find guidelines and manufacturers for energy-efficient products and standards for home or business.


House Energy Savings http://www.house-energy.com/
- Stop Global Warming. Save Energy and Money through solar and other renewables.

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Recycled Products

Many state and local organizations have produced guides to recycled-content manufacturers found within their state or products that are readily available for their location. Just a few of these guides include:

Contact your local or state environmental department to find a recycled product guide for your area.

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