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February 16, 2001



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Gypsum drywall is the second most common component of the construction waste stream, especially new residential construction. It is made with gypsum that is covered on both sides with a paper facing and paperboard backing. Approximately 12% of new construction drywall is wasted during construction. 

Re-uses for Gypsum Drywall Include:

  • Recycling it into new drywall after most of the paper is removed
  • Grinding up the drywall and using the gypsum for sewage sludge drying
  • Grinding it up and applying it to roadways to counteract the adverse effects of road salt application in the winter
  • Using it as a soil amendment for gardens and lawns
  • Using it as an odor treatment for animal manure

Grinding equipment can range from a large plant to a small mobile chipper. A hammer-mill is often used to produce a product that is approximately 90% gypsum and 10% shredded paper. Drywall recycling produces dust, therefore a baghouse or air vacuum system may be required to handle the air emissions. This type of equipment can be retrofitted for a particular application or purchased as a package unit.

Gypsum Recycling Links:

Andela Pulverizer Equipment 
"Andela Tool & Machine, Inc. produces a growing line of rugged,  versatile machines to serve special needs that are sold worldwide. Each product is thoughtfully designed and engineered to provide a high capacity to cost ratio and superior durability."

Mineral Recycling - Gypsum and Drywall Recycling Category 
The Following Grades are Included in the Gypsum and Drywall Recycling Category: Mixed Drywall Scrap; New Drywall Trimmings; Recovered Drywall Gypsum; Gyp-Chip; Powdered Gypsum; Fine Powdered Gypsum; Ultra Fine Powdered Gypsum; Other Gypsum Scrap.

Gyp-Pack Container, Inc.
"Gyp-Pack Container, Inc.'s primary objective is to be a world leader in the recycling of scrap gypsum board. The company's goal is to license exclusive territories for the use of the recycling machinery and/or technology throughout the world.
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