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February 16, 2001



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Typically, new construction uses a lot of wood, but a lot of wood also ends up getting thrown into dumpsters and hauled away to landfills

Re-Uses for Wood Waste Include:

  • Reclaimed lumber for sale and use in other construction projects
  • Feedstock for engineered woods
  • Chipped stock for landscape mulch, soil conditioners, animal bedding and boiler fuel

These re-uses have similar processing requirements: recyclable items need to be separated from other wastes, cleaned by removing contaminants and fasteners, and processed by grinding or chipping. The final use of the wood waste determines how clean and consistent the feedstock must be. Extensive research performed by the California Integrated Waste Management Board summarized the potential end use of wood waste: 

Because of the limited options available to reuse wood waste as building materials or feedstocks for engineered woods, the largest markets for wood waste are as the feedstock for biomass fuel, mulch, and compost. The processing requirements for all three products are similar and recyclers of wood waste for this type of end use are more plentiful.

Generally, hand separation is required at the job site. Depending on the size of the job, separate dumpsters for different materials will help limit the amount of sorting necessary. However, most job sites, like home construction, will not have the space or financial commitment to allow for additional dumpsters. In these instances, source separation will have to take place after the fact, at a processing facility, or pulled out of loads at the landfill when they are dumped.


Pioneer Millworks: Antique Woods & Millwork
Timbers • Flooring • Trim • Doors From Antique, Salvaged & Reclaimed Wood

We evolved professionally from a group of woodworkers and builders. In looking for seasoned and stable material to assure quality joinery in our timber frame structures we pioneered reclaimed timbers. Preserving this wood has become our focus. In addition to timbers, we offer salvaged woods in a variety of forms and species to ensure that its beauty will not be lost to future generations.
he majority of our material is long leaf southern yellow pine (often referred to as Heart Pine) and Douglas-fir. These two species had the structural qualities and grew to the sizes required for use as major supportive members in large buildings. These same qualities continue to make them attractive today. Other reclaimed species we offer include oak, redwood, bald cypress, and chestnut.
        - http://www.pioneermillworks.com/

Wood Recycling - Waste Wood Category
Recyclers World - Wood Waste Information
- http://www.recycle.net/recycle/Wood/waste/index.html

WOODWEB - woodworking, cabinetmaking and wood processing information
"The Information Resource for the Woodworking Industry Industry Index - Get the latest product information on  woodworking machinery, fasteners, cabinetmaking supplies, wood finishing, tooling, woodworking plans, components and more. Software Connection - Download free woodworking software - plywood and panel optimizers, cabinet cutlist software, wood identification programs. Machinery Exchange - Buy and sell woodworking machinery: planers, saws, shapers, moulders, panel processing equipment. Sawing and Drying Forum - get answers to all your sawmilling, kiln drying, primary processing and lumber drying questions. Lumber Buying Guide - Up to date hardwood lumber pricing for the west coast, midwest and east coast distribution markets. Woodworkers Directory - Create a free web page for your cabinet shop, architectural millwork firm, wood finishing, boat building or wood products manufacturing facility. Woodworking Job Opportunities - Find jobs or employees throughout the wood industry. Business Forum - Discussing all aspects of woodworking business: project Management, employee relations, woodshop accounting, woodworker's insurance,  more."
- http://woodweb.com/ 

Welcome to AF&PA's Forest Products Resources Web Site
"The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) is the national trade association of the forest, paper, and wood products industries. Our members are actively committed to preserving the environment through such innovative programs as the 50% Recycling Goal, the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM program, and the Environment Health & Safety Principles, while promoting a sound business climate that maintains the industry's competitiveness."
          - http://www.afandpa.org/

National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
"The NWPCA is an international trade association representing the interests of manufacturers, recyclers and distributors of pallets, containers and reels. The NWPCA provides its members with cutting edge tools and information so they may continue to provide consistently high quality products and services to their customers. "
     - http://www.nwpca.com/

Welcome to Surplus & Scrap Wood Products Exchange!

"The wood resource Information Center for government agencies, utilities,conservation groups, wood industry, waste management, construction and deconstruction operations; committed to resource recovery, wood utilization, waste reduction, energy efficiency and sustainable economic development."
     - http://www.woodexchange.com/  

National Wood Recycling Directory
"The National Wood Recycling Directory was designed to help  individuals, groups, communities, builders, remodelers, and demolition contractors avoid costly landfill fees and better utilize the resource by identifying receiving sites for recovered wood."

     - http://www.afandpa.org/Recycling/Wood/PR001.html  

Oregon Wood Waste Profile
Information about wood waste from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.
     - http://www.deq.state.or.us/wmc/solwaste/woodwaste.html  


Information on Construction Waste from p2pays.org
     - http://www.p2pays.org/ref/01/00173.htm  

Urban Wood Waste Fact Sheet
Construction Waste Information from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. "Urban wood waste is the portion of the wood waste stream that can include sawn lumber, pruned branches, stumps, and whole trees from street and park maintenance. The primary constituents of urban wood waste are used lumber, trim, shipping pallets, trees, branches, and other wood debris from construction and demolition clearing and grubbing activities."
     - http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/ConDemo/Factsheets/UrbanWd.htm  

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