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EPA Region 8
Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Denver, Colorado
August 12-15, 2002

Monday, August 12
1:00-1:30 Opening and Welcome--Judy Wong
1:30-3:15 State Reports (15 minutes each)
3:15-3:30 Sustainable Products Training--Sonja Wallace
3:30-4:15 P2 and Agriculture: Regional Possibilities--group discussion with John Larson
4:15-5:00 State and National Park P2: Regional Possibilities--group discussion with Marie Zanowick and Michael Schene
August 13-15 Workshop: An Organizational Guide to Pollution Prevention
Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast, 3200 South Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado

Statement of Purpose:

  1. To find out what other states are doing
  2. To discuss potential regional collaboration
  3. To receive training "An Organized Guide to Pollution Prevention

EPA Priorities for FY2003

1. Agriculture

  • New Farm Bill--CAFOS

2. Children's Health

  • Sensitive populations; i.e. children and elderly

3. Clean Water Act Implementation

  • Watershed approach/management

4. Direct Implementation Programs

  • Tribes and Superfund

5. Energy (Clean Energy--making sure environment is protected during extraction/implementation of clean energy sources)

  • Coalbed methane

6. Enviornmental Information Integration

  • Data quality and integration
  • Transfer data among agencies


7. Homeland Security

  • Emergency planning, preparedness and response

8. Indian Country

  • Develop Tribes' capacity

9. Mining

10. Revitalization

  • Brownfields--RCRA
  • Recycling old Superfund sites
  • Voluntary cleanup

11. Safe Drinking Water Requirements


  • Kirk Mills, CDPHE
  • Kathy Dale, CDPHE
  • Margo Griffin, CDPHE
  • Joe Schieffelin, CDPHE
  • Mike Vogel, MT P2 Program
  • Jon Hudson, MT P2 Program
  • Kent Belland, ND P2 Program
  • Dennis Clarke, SD DENR
  • Sonja Wallace, UT DEQ
  • Steve Roseberry, WY DEQ
  • Laura Estes, Region 8 P2Rx
  • Juliann Livingston, Region 8 P2Rx
  • Judy Wong, Region 8 EPA
  • Linda Walters, Region 8 EPA
  • John Larson, Region 8 EPA
  • Marie Zanowick, Region 8 EPA
  • Michael Schene, National Park Service

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