Residential Construction Contractor's Guide

Regulatory issues and best management practices for contractors and designers

#1 - Introduction
#2 - Contractor Liability
#3 - Employee Health and Safety
#4 - Design Considerations
#5 - Building Codes and Standards
#6 - Water Quality
#7 - Solid Waste
#8 - Hazardous Materials
#9 - Special Wastes
#10 - Air Quality
#11 - Underground Storage Tanks
#12 - Waste Minimization Quick List

Original Publication by:

Kevin McMindes and Michael P. Vogel
Montana State University Extension Service
Pollution Prevention Program
Taylor Hall Bozeman, Montana 59717 
(406) 994-3451

funded by:
The United States Environmental Protection Agency, October 1998
Updated for Internet by: January 2001

DISCLAIMER: This guide is for educational and informational purposes and is only meant to provide a quick reference to possible regulations of concern to the construction industry. At the time of publication, all regulatory guidelines and suggestions  were accurate. Because laws and regulations change often, and are variable across towns, counties and states, you should have the facts and circumstances of your situation reviewed and verified by the appropriate regulatory agencies before you proceed with your construction project.

This guide is a public domain document. As such, it may not be copyrighted in any form. This material may be reproduced for educational purposes so long as this Notice is included and credit is given to the Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center.

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