What is Green Parks?

EPA Region 8 pollution prevention programs and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality have been engaged in ongoing efforts to promote pollution prevention and sustainability issues to public land managers. Both groups have benefitted from sharing resources and ideas on preferred practices for parks but we believe the greatest benefit comes from establishing a national network/exchange to take advantage of synergies and promote partnering on issues of similar interest for state parks/public lands located throughout the United States.

Current networking activities include quarterly conference calls to discuss specific issues of interest (examples have included alternative energy, and environmentally preferable purchasing), compilation of resource references and a list of network participants, their roles and interests. This website adds a more permanent component to sustain the network with resources available on demand online. Whether you work with or within the parks, have knowledge of recycling, green lodging or other components of sustainability, your participation is important.

Please take some time to share your experience with peers by emailing materials you'd like to have posted to: webmaster@peakstoprairies.org, and contacting Karen Edlin (EDLINK@michigan.gov) if you'd like to be included in e-mailings and conference calls.

Green Parks Toolkit

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**Please note, the pdf version does not include the entire list of resources.

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Conference Call Minutes


Green Parks Stewardship Affiliates and Resources
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Air Quality Alternate Fuels/Transportation
Awards/Rewards Concessionaires
E2/Alternate Energy Education/Outreach
Green Buildings Green Lodging
Green Maintenance Green Power
Guidebook Marinas
Mowing Native Plants
P2/Sustainability Recycling/Waste Reduction
Tire re-use Toolkit
Two-cycle engines Water Conservation


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