Greening Your Ski Area
A Pollution Prevention Handbook


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Introduction Letter from National Ski Areas Association President Michael Berry
Chapter 1 - Introduction  

Chapter 2 - Environmental Programs and Policies

Environmental Management Terminology and Philosophies; External Environmental Management Programs, Systems, and Standards; Ski Area Environmental Policies

Case Study -

Vail Resorts Adopts TNS, page 8

Chapter 3 - Environmental Performance Measurement and Reporting

Measuring a Ski Area's Environmental Baseline; Energy Consumption; Solid Waste Generation; Hazardous Waste Generation; Water Consumption; Corporate Environmental Reporting; Sustainable Slopes Assessment Tool

Case Studies -

  • A-Basin Finds Cost Savings Opportunity from Energy Baselining Effort, page 7
  • Establishing a Solid Waste Baseline at Aspen, page 9
  • Solid Waste Tracking at Vail Resorts, page 1

Chapter 4 - Regulatory Compliance

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management; Pesticide Use; Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks; Spill Reporting and Response; Environmental Regulations

Case Studies -

  • Fluorescent Light Recycling at Aspen Skiing Company and Keystone, page 4
  • Vail Resorts Performs a Voluntary, Comprehensive Compliance Self Audit, page 8
Chapter 5 - Customer, Employee and Community Programs

Case Studies -

  • Aspen Skiing Company Trail Maps Go Green, page 2
  • Arapahoe Basin Implements Car Pooling Reward Program, page 4
  • Keystone Implements Carpooling Sweepstakes Program, page 4
  • Aspen Skiing Company and Arapahoe Basin Establish Employee Fund "Environmental Foundations", page 5
  • Aspen Skiing Company Publishes "The Green Letter", page 5
  • Uniforms to Kosovo and Hungary, page 6
  • Environmental Scholarship Program, page 7
  • Spruce Up Colorado, page 7

Chapter 6 - Purchasing

Developing and Implementing Environmental Purchasing Guidelines; Chemical Products; Lighting; Paper Products; Office Equipment; Purchasing Locally; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Arapahoe Basin Develops and Implements Environmental Purchasing Guidelines, page 4
  • Environmental Purchasing at Vail Resorts, page 6
  • Aspen Meadows/Aspen Institute Alternative Cleaning Supplies, page 10
  • Lighting Replacement by Attrition at Arapahoe Basin, page 12
  • Where's the Beef? Aspen Skiing Buys Local, page 16

Chapter 7 - Vehicle Maintenance

Aqueous Cleaning; Chemical Product Selection; Refillable Spray Bottles; Used Oil Heaters; Shop Spill Cleanup; Oil Bottle Draining; Re-refined Oil; Oil Filter Management; Snowmobiles; Oxygenated Gasoline; Snowcat Hydraulic Line Preventive Maintenance; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Aqueous Cleaning at Aspen Skiing Company and Arapahoe Basin, page 4
  • Refillable Spray Bottles at Aspen Skiing Company and Arapahoe Basin, page 8
  • Used Oil Heater at Aspen Highlands, page 10
  • Aspen Skiing Company Switches to Re-Refined Oil, page 14
  • Oil Filter Recycling at Aspen Skiing Company and Arapahoe Basin, page 15
  • Aspen Skiing Company Snowmobile Shop Reduces Emissions, page 17
  • Aspen Skiing Company Test 4-Cycle Snowmobile, page 18
  • Vail Resorts Purchases 4-Stroke Snowmobiles and Other Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Vehicles, page 19
  • Aspen Skiing Company changes to Oxygenated Gasoline, page 20
  • Snowcat Hydraulic Line Preventive Maintenance at Aspen Skiing Company, page 23

Chapter 8 - Lift Operations

Top-Drive Lifts; Harmonics Filtering; Rate Structure and Peak Shaving; Energy Efficient Motor Selection; Heating and Lighting in Lift Houses; Sheave Liner Recycling; High-Altitude Brushes; Paint Selection for Towers and Terminals; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Arapahoe Basin Lenawee Lift, page 2
  • Aspen Skiing Company Installs Harmonic Filters, page 6
  • Reducing Coincident Peak Charges for Snowmass Mountain Lifts, page 8
  • Reducing Demand Charges for Arapahoe Basin Lifts, page 9
  • Timers on Electric Heaters on Snowmass Mountain, page 10
  • Reducing the Number of Heaters in Return Terminal Houses, page 13
  • Lighting Selection for New Lenawee Lift at Arapahoe Basin, page 14

Chapter 9 - Food and Beverage Services

Green Restaurant Association; Elimination of Polystyrene Foam; Comprehensive Recycling; Waste Reduction and Reuse; Biodegradable Plastic; Recycled Products; Non-Chlorine-Bleached Paper Products; Nontoxic Cleaners, Landscaping, and Pest Management; Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency; Composting; Green Electricity; Employee Education Program; Additional Information Sources

Case Study -

Keystone Ranch, page 13

Chapter 10 - Buildings

Energy Star Program; Cleaning Products; Paint; Carpet; Electronic Equipment Recycling; Water Conservation; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Heating Controls at Aspen Skiing Company, page 2
  • Lighting Retrofits at Aspen Skiing Company, page 7
  • Arapahoe Basin Alternative Cleaning Supplies, page 10
  • Carpet replacement at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, page 12
  • Keystone Initiates Computer Recycling Program, page 13

Chapter 11 - Snowmaking

Snowmaking Systems; Reservoirs; Dry Bulb/Wet Bulb Temperature; Additives; Water Cooling Systems; System Control Automation; Air Compressors; Air Leak Inspections; Water Leak Inspections

Case Studies -

  • Aspen Skiing Company Uses Reservoir, page 4
  • Aspen Skiing Company Studies Importance of Dry Bulb Temperature, page 5
  • Aspen Skiing Company Uses Cooling Tower, page 7
  • Snowmass Mountain Uses Computer Automation, page 9
  • Aspen Mountain Replaces Old Compressors, page 10
  • Compressed Air Leaks, page 12
  • Repairing a Snowmaking System Water Leak, page 17

Chapter 12 - Lodging

Hotel Programs; Guest Rooms; Laundry; Pools and Hot Tubs; Hotel P2 Score Sheet; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Solid Waste Recycling at Chicago Hilton and Canadian Pacific Hotels, page 6
  • Water Conservation by Saunders Hotel Group, page 8
  • Energy Efficient Lighting at Marriott Hotel, page 9
  • Radisson Hotel's Optional Linen and Towel Washing Program, page 10
  • Energy Efficient Guest-Operated Laundry Machines, page 11

Chapter 13 - Grounds Maintenance

Water Conservation; Integrated Pest Management; Environmental Programs

Case Study -

Saddle Rock Golf Course, page 4

Chapter 14 - Sustainable Design and Construction

Integrating Sustainable Design into Project Management; Ten Key Aspects of a Sustainable Building; Additional Information Sources

Case Studies -

  • Aspen Skiing Company Achieves LEED Certification™ for the Sundeck, page 6
  • Wind Powers the Aspen Skiing Company Cirque Ski Lift, page 7
  • Aspen Skiing Company Recycles a Restaurant and Lodge, page 11

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