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New Community Design to the Rescue
A four part report explaining how states and communities can encourage New Community Design, i.e. mi...

Ten Steps to Sustainability
Lists important criteria for launching successful sustainability programs, with links.

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Albuquerque 2000 Progress Report
Abstract: Information on preliminary sustainable growth measures as well as goals for a city, including future indicators.
Source: The City of Albuquerque
URL: http://www.cabq.gov/progress/index.html

The Energy Yardstick: Using PLACE3S to Create Sustainable Communities
Abstract: PLACES3S is an urban planning method designed to help communities discern an effective path toward sustainability, using energy as a yardstick to measure sustainability.
Source: Center of Excellenct for Sustainable Development
URL: http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/articles/place3s.shtml

River Basin Characterization
Abstract: This CD-ROM contains a collection of GIS data produced in support of Ecology’s River Basin Characterization work done on the Snohomish River Basin from the fall of 1998 to the spring of 1999. It includes 30 data sets produced or used in conjunction with this project, as well as several ArcView files containing data views and maps.
Source: Department of Ecology: Watershed Planning
URL: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/biblio/99119.html

Building Quality Communities: Making Local Land Use Decisions by Choice and Not by Chance [PDF]
Abstract: Identifies key issues for municipal officials to consider when making land use and infrastructure investment decisions. Explores how to clarify local context and causes, apply a communities vision and values, and use tools and targets in strategic ways.
Source: The National League of Cities
URL: http://www.nlc.org/nlc_org/site/files/reports/futrpt01.pdf

Measuring Change in Rural Communities: A Workbook for Determining Demographic, Economic and Fiscal Trends
Abstract: Rural communities are in constant flux—people move in and out of town, industries rise and fall, and job markets shift.This workbook helps rural residents make sense of these changes and plan for the future. Exercises in the workbook are designed to help communities gather and interpret social, demographic, and economic data. Scroll down this publications list to this book.
Source: Sonoran Institute
URL: http://www.sonoran.org/pdfs/si_publications_list.pdf

Discovering Common Ground [PDF]
Abstract: Summarizes steps that state and local governmental agencies can implement to decelerate sprawl and damaging development in western states.
Source: Tellus Instutite
URL: http://peakstoprairies.org/pdf_Files/ManagedGrowth.pdf

Sustainability and the Bottom Line
Abstract: A company’s ability to effectively manage, measure, and communicate its energy and environmental performance will be a major factor in its future success.
Source: GreenBiz.com
URL: http://www.greenbiz.com/news/reviews_third.cfm?NewsID=19993

Community Character Assessment
Abstract: Provides 16 different assessment categories communities will find useful in determining what qualities they want to keep and development.
Source: Utah Department of Community and Economic Development
URL: http://dced.utah.gov/21century/index.html

River Budget: National Priorities for Local River Conservation [PDF]
Abstract: Protecting and restoring the nation’s rivers requires an enormous range of activities, on a national, regional and local basis. And for all of these efforts, financial assistance from the federal government can mean the difference between living streams and degraded waterways. To guide the federal investment in river conservation, each year American Rivers comes together with 400 local and regional conservation groups and community leaders to develop River Budget: National Priorities for Local River Conservation.
Source: American Rivers
URL: http://www.amrivers.org/docs/RiverBudget04.pdf

Envision Utah Quality Growth Strategy and Technical Review [PDF]
Abstract: Through extensive research and exhaustive involvement of the public, local and state elected officials, the business, civic, and religious communities, and other stakeholders, Envision Utah has gathered information about what Greater Wasatch Area residents value and how they think growth should be accommodated. This report presents those findings.
Source: Envision Utah
URL: http://www.envisionutah.org/January2000.pdf

Measuring Sprawl and its Impact
Abstract: Represents the most comprehensive effort yet undertaken to define, measure and evaluate metropolitan sprawl and its impacts. This report is the first in a series of findings to be issued based on the ongoing analysis of that work.
Source: Smart Growth America
URL: http://www.smartgrowthamerica.com/sprawlindex/sprawlindex.html

Planning for Smart Growth: 2002 State of the States
Abstract: Smart growth measures are most successful in states where planning statutes have been modernized. APA's new report, Planning for Smart Growth: 2002 State of the States, tracks each state's level of success.
Source: APA
URL: http://www.planning.org/growingsmart/states2002.htm

Sample Indicators of Sustainability
Abstract: Offers sample sustainability indicators planners and citizens can incorporate into their growth strategies, and how to choose indicators relevant to individual communities or jurisdictional entities.
Source: Sustainability Measures
URL: http://www.sustainablemeasures.com/Indicators/IS_Pedestrian.html

The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan - Boulder, Colorado [PDF]
Abstract: Since 1970, the city of Boulder and Boulder County have jointly adopted a comprehensive plan that guides land use decisions in the Boulder Valley. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan is a tool designed to protect the natural environment of the Boulder Valley while fostering a livable, vibrant and sustainable community.
Source: City and County of Boulder, Colorado
URL: http://www.ci.boulder.co.us/planning/bvcp/bvcp2002.pdf

Putting the Pieces Together [PDF]
Abstract: Using growth situations in California, this report analyzes barriers to achieving objectives most people express as desirable. These include the need to preserve open space, quality of life, a clean environment, and a dynamic economy that works for people.
Source: Urban Land Institute
URL: http://research.uli.org/Content/Reports/PolicyPapers/PFR_672.pdf

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