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New Community Design to the Rescue
A four part report explaining how states and communities can encourage New Community Design, i.e. mi...

Ten Steps to Sustainability
Lists important criteria for launching successful sustainability programs, with links.

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LUTRAQ Reports
Abstract: Eleven technical reports documenting creation of the Portland area Land Use, Transportation and Air Quality (LUTRAQ)plan. What started as a local effort to consider alternatives to a highway grew into a nationally recognized project. In 1996, LUTRAQ received national awards for transportation planning from the American Planning Association and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Source: 1000 Friends of Oregon
URL: http://www.friends.org/resources/lut_reports.html

Livable Tucson Goals: Highlighted Projects
Abstract: Listing of highlighted projects toward attaining managed growth.
Source: City of Tucson
URL: http://www.ci.tucson.az.us/lv-toc-goals.html

Transportation, Land Use and Sustainability
Abstract: Sample initiative including information on transportation, land use, and sustainability. Excellent examples of what communities should consider to exist within the local environmental carrying capacity.
Source: Florida Center for Community Design and Research
URL: http://www.fccdr.usf.edu/upload/projects/tlushtml/default.htm

Green Communities
Abstract: A step-by-step guide for planning and implementing sustainable actions.
Source: U.S. EPA Region III
URL: http://www.epa.gov/greenkit/index.html

Dalton Quality Growth Resource Team Report (Georgia)
Abstract: Report organized into sections on: downtown and surroundings, infill development, transportation, housing, economic development and tourism, gateways and corridors, arts and culture, historic preservation, greenways and open space, and development regulations.
Source: Georgia Quality Growth Partnership
URL: http://www.dca.state.ga.us/publications/dalton.html

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development: Case Studies
Abstract: Sustainable development success stories from communities across the United States
Source: Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
URL: http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/management/sstoc.shtml

Our Built and Natural Environments [PDF]
Abstract: A technical review of the interactions between land use, transportation, and environmental quality.
Source: EPA
URL: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/pdf/built.pdf

An Investigation of Sprawl Development and Its Effect on Transportation Planning: The Lower Savannah Region of Government [PDF]
Abstract: Research focused on local government official responses to growth questionnaires. Specific implications for controlled development standards are identified as significant factors for land-use decisions.
Source: South Carolina State Universtiy
URL: http://www.utc.scsu.edu/Whitney_2001_Final_Report.pdf

National Transportation Library
Abstract: The Library's mission is to increase timely access to the information that supports transportation policy, research, operations, and technology transfer activities.
Source: U.S. Department of Transportation
URL: http://ntl.bts.gov/

Getting to Smart Growth: 100 Policies for Implementation [PDF]
Abstract: To address the gap between recognizing the benefits of Smart Growth and developing and implementing policies to achieve it.
Source: Smart Growth Network
URL: http://www.smartgrowth.org/pdf/gettosg.pdf

Autos and Air pollution
Abstract: Describes varies types of pollutants emitted from vehicles.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/ebtpages/airmobileautomobiles.html

Multi-jurisdictional cooperation [PDF]
Abstract: Promoting smart growth, infill development and sustainable transportation systems through greater multi-jurisdictional cooperation are the cross-cutting and overarching goals of the Joint Center for Sustainable Communities. This report tells how this is accomplished.
Source: Joint Center for Sustainable Communities
URL: http://www.usmayors.org/uscm/sustainable/progress_report_0699_0500.pdf

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Abstract: Dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. Provides a variety of free resources to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis.
Source: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
URL: http://www.vtpi.org/

Conservation Law Foundation Case Studies
Abstract: A resource for people working to create more livable communities through sustainable measures.
Source: Conservation Law Foundation
URL: http://www.clf.org/advocacy/Cases.htm

Bicycle and pedestrian friendly land use codes
Abstract: This site gives examples for livability and sustainability, and how to use bicycle and pedestrian friendly codes to help get there.
Source: ibike.org
URL: http://www.ibike.org/engineering/landuse.htm

Sustainable Transportation Links
Abstract: A compilation of web resources directly related to walking, biking, and sustainable transportation.
Source: Coalition for Sustainable Transportation
URL: http://www.coast-santabarbara.org/web.html

The Crossings Transit-oriented Neighborhood [PDF]
Abstract: This brief report describes how The Crossings Transit-Oriented neighborhood project transformed a 1960s auto-oriented strip mall into a vibrant pedestrian-oriented community.
Source: City of Mountain View, California
URL: http://www.calthorpe.com/Project%20Sheets/Crossings.pdf

Orienting Urban Planning to Sustainability in Curitiba, Brazil
Abstract: Curitiba, perhaps the best planned city in Brazil and an international model for sustainable development, is more than simply the result of a few successful projects. The city's achievements are the result of strategic, integrated urban planning. This overarching strategy informs all aspects of urban planning, including social, economic and environmental programs.
Source: The International Council for Local Environmental Issues
URL: http://www3.iclei.org/localstrategies/summary/curitiba2.html

Desired Development Zone Incentives in Austin, Texas
Abstract: Smart Growth in Austin includes many different programs and policies. This report explains how one of the most effective programs to date is the Smart Growth Incentives. These incentives are designed to promote the three major goals of the Smart Growth Initiative.
Source: City of Austin, Texas
URL: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/news/sg_incentives.htm

Creating Great Neighborhoods
Abstract: Building great neighborhoods through planned density is a practical approach to growth that is being used in diverse places across the country. There is an increasing recognition nationwide that density is an integral component to creating neighborhoods that offer convenience, value and a high quality of life.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/density.htm

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment
Abstract: UNDPs Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment (PPPUE) facility supports the development of innovative partnerships between public and private actors at the local level. Focusing on assisting small and medium-sized cities, PPPUE works with all potential stakeholders, including investors, providers, regulators, users, and experts to meet the challenge of providing basic urban environmental services.
Source: United Nations Development Program
URL: http://www.undp.org/ppp/

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