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New Community Design to the Rescue
A four part report explaining how states and communities can encourage New Community Design, i.e. mi...

Ten Steps to Sustainability
Lists important criteria for launching successful sustainability programs, with links.

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2003-2005 Puget Sound Water Quality Work Plan
Abstract: Actions to protect and restore Puget Sound during the 2003-2005 Biennium
Source: Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team
URL: http://www.psat.wa.gov/Publications/workplan_03/wp03_final/wp03_final.htm

River Basin Characterization
Abstract: This CD-ROM contains a collection of GIS data produced in support of Ecology’s River Basin Characterization work done on the Snohomish River Basin from the fall of 1998 to the spring of 1999. It includes 30 data sets produced or used in conjunction with this project, as well as several ArcView files containing data views and maps.
Source: Department of Ecology: Watershed Planning
URL: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/biblio/99119.html

An Investigation of Sprawl Development and Its Effect on Transportation Planning: The Lower Savannah Region of Government [PDF]
Abstract: Research focused on local government official responses to growth questionnaires. Specific implications for controlled development standards are identified as significant factors for land-use decisions.
Source: South Carolina State Universtiy
URL: http://www.utc.scsu.edu/Whitney_2001_Final_Report.pdf

Protecting Water Resources [PDF]
Abstract: Smart growth and "mixed-use" strategies relating to protecting water resources for local governments.
Source: National Association of Counties (NACo)
URL: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/pdf/waterresources_with_sg.pdf

Paving our way to water shortages
Abstract: Many blame erratic weather conditions for water shortages, while others point to population growth. But that's not the whole story. Another major contributor to our water problems is the way we develop land. As we pave over more and more wetlands and forests, this new report shows that we are depleting our water supplies.
Source: American Rivers
URL: http://www.amrivers.org/landuse/sprawldroughtreport.htm

National Coastal Condition Report
Abstract: The National Coastal Condition Report describes the ecological and environmental conditions in U.S. coastal waters. This first-of-its-kind Report, presents a broad baseline picture of the overall condition of U.S. coastal waters as fair to poor, varying from region to region.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/owow/oceans/nccr/nccrfs.html

River Budget: National Priorities for Local River Conservation [PDF]
Abstract: Protecting and restoring the nation’s rivers requires an enormous range of activities, on a national, regional and local basis. And for all of these efforts, financial assistance from the federal government can mean the difference between living streams and degraded waterways. To guide the federal investment in river conservation, each year American Rivers comes together with 400 local and regional conservation groups and community leaders to develop River Budget: National Priorities for Local River Conservation.
Source: American Rivers
URL: http://www.amrivers.org/docs/RiverBudget04.pdf

Entrepreneurs Saving the Planet
Abstract: This case studies shows how a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced water purification systems creates cost-effective high-quality water for industry and communities.
Source: Geocities
URL: http://www.geocities.com/greengazelles/watersolve.html

Village Homes Development
Abstract: Village Homes is a 68-acre development of single-family homes, apartments, a community center and an office building that features solar construction, natural cooling systems, communal agricultural areas, a natural drainage system and a pedestrian- and bike-friendly layout.
Source: Department of Energy
URL: http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/success/village.shtml

Virginia's Coastal Zones
Abstract: The Virginia Coastal Program is entrusted with preserving, protecting, and restoring the rare natural beauty of Virginia's Coastal Zone, while fostering appropriate economic growth and development.
Source: Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
URL: http://www.deq.state.va.us/coastal/thezone.html

Preserving New York City's watersheds
Abstract: In terms of human benefits, one would be hard-pressed to name a more critical natural habitat anywhere in the world. The catastrophic consequences of not protecting this prize-winning unfiltered water supply, is both economic and environmental. This report tells what is being done.
Source: New York Public Interest Research Group
URL: http://www.nypirg.org/enviro/water/watershed_agreement.html

Healthy People 2010 & Environmental Health
Abstract: This site is part of a national, public-private effort to provide easy access to information useful in the development of environmental health objectives and for other environmental health planning projects. It focuses on the six major topic areas within the Healthy People 2010 Environmental Health Focus Area: Outdoor Air Quality, Water Quality, Toxics and Wastes, Healthy Homes and Healthy Communities, Infrastructure and Surveillance, and Global Environmental Health.
Source: Public Health Foundation
URL: http://www.phf.org/EH/

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