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New Community Design to the Rescue
A four part report explaining how states and communities can encourage New Community Design, i.e. mi...

Ten Steps to Sustainability
Lists important criteria for launching successful sustainability programs, with links.

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Colorado Heritage Reports
Abstract: Offers links to three best practices with case studies related to land use planning and growth management, intergovernmental agreements and open space preservation.
Source: Smart Growth Colorado's Future
URL: http://www.state.co.us/smartgrowth/download.html

Farmland Information Library
Abstract: Farmland protection and urban development research resources. Also news, links, literature. It is a partnership between the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and American Farmland Trust.
Source: American Farmland Trust
URL: http://www.farmlandinfo.org/

Development at the Urban Fringe and Beyond: Impacts on Agricultural and Rural Land
Abstract: Federal information on building capacity to plan and control growth, providing financial incentives for channeling growth in desirable directions, or coordinating local, regional, and State efforts.
Source: USDA: Economic Research Service
URL: http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/aer803/

Evaluating the Impacts of Proposed Land Conversion: A Tool for Local Decision Making [PDF]
Abstract: Designed to help local decision-makes by: summarizing state, national, and local land use trends, providing a tool for identifying the impacts of proposed land conversions, and applying the tool in two cases.
Source: Center for Sustainable Systems
URL: http://css.snre.umich.edu/css_doc/CSS01-02.pdf

Measuring Change in Rural Communities: A Workbook for Determining Demographic, Economic and Fiscal Trends
Abstract: Rural communities are in constant flux—people move in and out of town, industries rise and fall, and job markets shift.This workbook helps rural residents make sense of these changes and plan for the future. Exercises in the workbook are designed to help communities gather and interpret social, demographic, and economic data. Scroll down this publications list to this book.
Source: Sonoran Institute
URL: http://www.sonoran.org/pdfs/si_publications_list.pdf

Western Rural Development Center
Abstract: To strengthen rural families, communities, and businesses by facilitating rural development research and extension (outreach) projects cooperatively with universities and communities throughout the West.
Source: Western Rural Development Center
URL: http://extension.usu.edu/wrdc/main.htm

Discovering Common Ground [PDF]
Abstract: Summarizes steps that state and local governmental agencies can implement to decelerate sprawl and damaging development in western states.
Source: Tellus Instutite
URL: http://peakstoprairies.org/pdf_Files/ManagedGrowth.pdf

Agriculture and Sustainable Development: Policy Analysis on the Great Plains [PDF]
Abstract: A framework to utilize policy design in the development of sustainable agriculture within the general context of sustainable development.
Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development
URL: http://iisdl.iisd.ca/pdf/agri_sd.pdf

Town Meets Country: Farm-City Forums on Land and Community [PDF]
Abstract: Information on sprawl and better ways to grow and develop land that benefits both rural and urban entities.
Source: American Farmland Trust
URL: http://www.farmland.org/farm_city_forum/Town%20Meets%20Country.pdf

Rural Development Online Resources
Abstract: List of resources, conferences, and training important to anyone concerned with rural development.
Source: Western Rural Development Center
URL: http://extension.usu.edu/WRDC/

Smart Growth at the Frontier: Strategies and Resources for Rural Communities [PDF]
Abstract: Smart growth tools are not currently widely adopted in rural areas. This publication identifies the need for it as well as stumbling blocks and ways to address them.
Source: Northeast Midwest Institute
URL: http://www.nemw.org/RuralSmartGrowth.pdf

New Tools For Community Design and Decision Making: An Overview
Abstract: A presentation about the planning tools of the next century: Unlike other aspects of daily life and work, the act of planning our communities requires an understanding of complex and sometimes counterintuitive processes that unfold over long periods of time. This may be one reason why, in our fast-paced world, the discipline of planning as it is widely practiced has not kept pace with progress in other areas, most notably, science and technology.
Source: EPA
URL: http://www.i4sd.org/TCDDM/HOME2.htm

Linking Brownfields Redevelopment and Greenfields Protection for Sustainable Devleopment [PDF]
Abstract: Includes: an overview of development trends; an overview of brownfields redevelopment issues (describes Great Lakes area brownfields policies); discussion of community involvement in brownfields decisionmaking; overview of greenfields issues with a focus on agricultural lands; an analysis of gaps and weaknesses in existing policies; and 32 "strategic actions" to promote and link brownfields redevelopment and greenfields protection.
Source: Great Lakes Commission
URL: http://www.glc.org/bridges/9-01BridgesI.pdf

Farming on the Edge: Sprawling Development Threatens America's Best Farmland
Abstract: Details the loss to sprawl of agricultural land in the United States. The study includes national and state maps of farmland in the path of development as well as a ranking of the top 20 states by acreage of prime farmland lost to development.
Source: American Farmland Trust
URL: http://www.farmland.org/farmingontheedge/index.htm

Competition for the Land Project
Abstract: Public policies - from property taxation to development fees to zoning - skew the economics of land development in favor of sprawl and against smart growth. This example talks about California's Central Valley. The full report is available from this link.
Source: American Farmland Trust
URL: http://www.farmland.org/cfl/centvalleyexec.htm

Western by Design
Abstract: "Western by Design" is a toolkit for use by citizen leaders and public officials in rapidly growing rural western communities. While its resources may be useful to address a broader range of land-use issues, they have been selected specifically for communities that have not yet reached populations of 50,000.
Source: Utah State University Extension Service
URL: http://extension.usu.edu/wrdc/resources/drtoolkit/index.htm

Greenprint for Growth
Abstract: Haphazard land protection won't create habitat corridors, protect drinking water, allow for trails and greenways, or substantially impact patterns of growth. Greenprinting provides a strategic framework for making land conservation more productive.
Source: The Trust for Public Land
URL: http://www.tpl.org/tier3_cdl.cfm?content_item_id=1351&folder_id=830

Desired Development Zone Incentives in Austin, Texas
Abstract: Smart Growth in Austin includes many different programs and policies. This report explains how one of the most effective programs to date is the Smart Growth Incentives. These incentives are designed to promote the three major goals of the Smart Growth Initiative.
Source: City of Austin, Texas
URL: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/news/sg_incentives.htm

Creating Great Neighborhoods
Abstract: Building great neighborhoods through planned density is a practical approach to growth that is being used in diverse places across the country. There is an increasing recognition nationwide that density is an integral component to creating neighborhoods that offer convenience, value and a high quality of life.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/density.htm

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